Big Country’s Fantasy Tour

If you’re dreaming about it – Big Country is making it a reality!



Are you ready for a once in a lifetime experience? This is NOT one of those “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” moments, this is a time to shout out to all of your friends! Take a customized tour around the famous Las Vegas Strip in one of our unique Hog Car Scooters with a local celebrity! This isn’t one of those celebrity events you sign up for and only catch a glimpse of a celebrity off in the distance, this tour is up close and personal. Each celebrity will ride in their own Hog Car and you will be their passenger! At each stop you switch hog cars and ride in style with your next celebrity chauffeur! This tour stops at 8 unique locations, giving you the opportunity to ride with 8 different celebrities and includes lunch! Tour space is extremely limited, sign up for our newsletter today – and be the first to book this tour once the dates are released!




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